How To Use Microwave Egg Cooker? – Make Delicious Egg Recipes

If you love eggs or you have to take eggs in your daily meal but you are bored trying the same kind of egg, then this article might help you. You must have heard about egg cookers. But if you haven’t yet, let’s check the details about it and know how to use a microwave egg cooker. 

There are different kinds of egg cookers you can find online as well as offline. These are also good for those who don’t have much time preparing their breakfast or who don’t want to spend much time cooking.

If you are one of those, then see how to use easy egg cooker microwave poacher and how to use an egg cooker in the microwave. Let’s dive right into the description to know more about it.

About Microwave Egg Cooker: All The Basics You Should Know

If you love eggs or you have to have eggs in your daily life, you should try an egg cooker. The main reason is, it is fast and you don’t need to struggle cooking any egg recipes.

You just have to know microwave egg cooker directions to have a better idea about it. There are so many egg cookers around there. You just need to get yours according to your choice and what type of eggs you want.

Moreover, egg cookers are cheap and effective. It is also versatile as you can use it for making various types of eggs. Also, if you can choose yours according to your egg recipe.

Different types of egg cookers have different purposes and styles to make multiple types of eggs. These are microwave friendly too. It is a good way if you can’t cook eggs properly. Let’s talk about an egg cooker in detail.

Microwave Egg Cooker

How To Use a Microwave Egg Cooker?

As we have already described to you that there are several types of microwave egg cookers available out there. The using process depends on what kind of cooker it is. Although the using process is easy, you need to know the proper microwave egg cooker instructions to make proper eggs.

That’s the reason we are here to describe to you the details of using it correctly. Let’s start with the using process step by step.

Step 1 

First, you need to get your egg cooker to start the process. The basic process is to know how to use that egg cooker before putting it into a microwave. If you learn this, things will be much easier for you.

You can also see the instruction manual to know the exact using process. You should follow the quantities too. If you have one egg then the timing of cooking will be different. On the other hand, if the number of eggs is more than one, then the cooking process and time will also be different. So, keep that thing in mind.

Step 2

Now, break the egg in a bowl and stir it using a fork to break the yolk. Stir it for about 1 minute to mix the yolk and the white part well.

Step 3

If you are making an omelet, you need to add every ingredient you want to add to your ideal omelet. After that, pour the mixture into the egg cooker or omelet maker and then microwave it for a few minutes.

Step 4

After a few minutes, take it out from the oven and then from the omelet mold. That’s it. Enjoy your egg in another way.

As you can see, the entire process is easy to do. All you need is to have patience and do the cooking according to the instructions.

Do Microwaved Eggs Taste Good?

If you have a question whether the microwaved eggs taste good or not, you need to know that it tastes good if you cook it properly. All you need to know is how to use a microwave egg cooker. And then cook eggs in your way.

The other reason for using this cooker is that it is fast and you can cook without any trouble. To get the perfect taste, know the exact recipe and then start the cooking. That’s how you will know how delicious egg cookers can make different types of eggs.

You might be thinking about whether a microwave oven can give you the exact taste of a stove or not. Well, the microwave is also pretty damn good. There might be an instruction manual that you can read and then cook accordingly to it.

What Are The Examples Of Microwave Egg Cookers?

You can find a lot of examples of microwave egg cookers. There are a lot of ways that you can use to cook an egg. You might not like the same kind of eggs every day. Some cookers make several types of eggs properly.

Besides, there are also some good egg cookers with different varieties. These cookers can cook several types of eggs easily. So, if you don’t have much time for cooking, you can go with the egg cookers.

These are effective and surely save your time. There are different kinds of egg cookers you can find in the market. Such as,

  • Egg maker for egg sandwiches
  • Omelet maker
  • Poached egg maker
  • Ceramic egg cooker
  1. Egg Maker for Egg Sandwiches

This one is for making an egg for egg sandwiches. It is round in shape, almost like a small bowl. This is the place where you need to pour the egg and cook it in the microwave.

It is used especially for making eggs for sandwiches. You can also make other types of eggs like boiled eggs in a fast way.

  1. Omelette Maker

Omelet makers help to make omelets easily. If you love omelet in your breakfast or any other time, but you cannot make it in the right way, then you can use an omelet maker. It is easy to use and the omelet made out delicious.

The major problem that people usually face is to turn the omelet upside down. If you cannot do it correctly, it turns out to be a disaster. The omelet will be broken. In that case, an omelet maker will do the work properly.

It is a half-oval-shaped mold where you need to put one egg or more than one. After that add the flavors and then put them into the microwave to cook. It’s easy and simple as well.

  1. Poached Egg Maker

If you like a poached egg but you must try this poached egg maker. Some people don’t know how to make poached eggs and And that is the case then this egg maker can help you more. It is also shaped like a small bowl where you can make delicious yet simple poached eggs.

You just need to put the egg in the egg maker and then put it in the oven. It will take about 1 to 2 minutes to cook. If you want a soft poached egg, 1 minute will be enough. And if you like to have a little hard one, then you can cook it for a bit longer but not too much. And that’s it. It’s easy to make and it saves a lot of time.

Ceramic Egg Cooker

  1. Ceramic Egg Cooker

This is an interesting one you can find in the market. It is like a bowl made of ceramic. If you want to make different types of eggs, then you mean this maker. All you need is to put one egg or more than one as you like and then mix all the ingredients according to the recipe.

After that, you need to mix all ingredients and then start the cooking process. If you like eggs and try to have them differently then you can use this ceramic egg maker and cook whatever and however, you want. This is a pure gem for those who don’t like cooking but want to experiment in a short time.

Delicious Microwave Egg Recipes

You can make several recipes with eggs. You just need to find the recipe. And if you have those ideas, making different kinds of eggs is easier. That’s the reason we are here with some interesting recipes to share with you.

Let’s see what the recipes are and how to make it perfect with an egg cooker.

  1. Egg Sandwich

Who doesn’t love egg sandwiches? I guess everyone does. It is an easy and delicious recipe that goes well for breakfast or any other time. It is also a good one to have it as a snack. There are only a few steps and you are ready to have this amazing sandwich without any trouble. Let’s change the recipe out and make it on your own.

Steps to Follow

  • Take a bowl and put eggs in it. And then add salt and pepper and mix the ingredients well. The other thing you can do is to put the eggs directly in the egg maker. And then add the ingredients and mix.
  • Now, Put it in the oven and leave it until it’s well-cooked. The eggs don’t need much time to cook. Just 2 to 3 minutes will be enough.
  • After that, take the eggs out of the oven and cut them into thin slices. That’s the egg slice you will need to make the sandwich.
  • Take the bread slice and make the sandwich as you like. You can also add some tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and some ketchup to add more taste to it. And that’s how you need to make a sandwich by using an egg cooker.
  1. Poached Egg

Making a poached egg is the easiest recipe ever. But if you don’t want to use a stove and you are running out of time, then using a poached egg cooker is a wise decision. You don’t need much poached egg. But if you are new, then you need to know the instructions. Let’s see what the instructions are and how to make a poached egg quickly.

Steps to Follow

  • First, take the poached egg maker and put eggs on it. There are molds and make sure you put one egg in one mold.
  • After that, break the yolk and add some salt. Make sure you just break the yolk but not stir it. Cover the mold and then microwave it for just 45 seconds.
  • You can add 1-2 tablespoons of water in each of the molds. And then microwave it. If you think that the egg is not perfectly poached, keep it for another 15 seconds. Take that poach out of the mold by using a fork. And that’s it.
  1. Omelettes

There are some omelette egg makers you can find. If you don’t want to give a lot of time to make an omelette, then this technique can help you a lot. It saves much time and it will be easy for those who can’t flip the omelette perfectly. So, let’s check out the recipe first.

Steps To Follow

  • Take the omelette mold and put it on the place where you are doing all the things. Now, take a bowl and add two eggs. After that, add salt and pepper and other extra ingredients if you want. And then mix well.
  • Take that mixture and pour it in the omelette maker. Make sure it covers all the areas of the mold to get a perfect shape.
  • After that, put it in the oven and microwave it for 1:30 to 1:45 minutes. When the time is over, flip the mold and cook again.
  • Take the mold out after finishing the cooking. Open it and take it out on a plate. You will see how proper the omelette looks. Nobody can guess you use an egg maker for making this. The easy and a good way to have a perfect omelette.
  1. Scrambled Eggs

Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs? Everybody loves it but not everybody knows how to cook. There are some few steps to show you how you can cook a perfect scrambled egg without using a stove. Let’s see the process first.

Steps To Follow

  • Take the egg maker and spray some cooking spray on it. Now, crack two eggs into the mold and then add other ingredients into it.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of milk and then mix it with a fork. Make a nice mixture of it. ● After that, take it in the microwave and cook it for 1:30 to 1:45 minutes. Check the eggs during cooking and stir it after some time. Do if for a few times.
  • After being done with the cooking, let it there for a while and then take the mold out and serve it on a plate. You will see how good the scrambles are and how soft it is.
  1. Egg Toast

Egg toast becomes our daily food that we love to have whether it is breakfast time or some other time. It tastes good and easy to make too. But those who don’t want to spend much time on cooking can try out egg makers to make the toast. Let’s see what the recipe is.

Steps To Follow

  • Take the egg cooker and spray some cooking oil on it. Now, put some eggs into the mold. Add the ingredients according to your choice. Stir it well to mix all the ingredients.
  • After that, put it in the oven and let it cook. 1:30 to 1:45 minutes will be enough for this.
  • When the egg is ready, put it on the buttered toast and that’s enough. It is ready to serve.

How To Use Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker?

A ceramic microwave cooker is a good option for you if you want to make several types of egg recipes. The cooker is kind of a small bowl made of ceramic. You just need to add eggs and other ingredients and cook it in the oven. It is as simple as that.

But if you are a beginner, you need to know what the process is. If you get an instruction manual, then follow that. Read the manual well before starting the process. You can also read microwave hard boiled egg cooker instructions to know more.

To use the ceramic egg cooker and make a egg recipe in it, then first you need to take the eggs and crack it into the ceramic mold. Add other ingredients and mix all the things well.

After doing that, set the lid and put it in the oven to microwave for 2 minutes. Take the bowl out of the oven and serve the perfectly cooked egg.

Ceramic Egg Cooker Egg & Time Table


of Eggs

1100W or Less 1200W 1250W
159s50s 45s
21:00 + 20s1:15 1:10
31:40 + 20s1:10 + 20s 1:10 + 20s
42:00 + 20s1:30 + 20s 1:20 + 20s


What Is The Microwave Egg Cooker Cleanup Process?

When it comes to cleaning a microwave egg cooker, you might think there is not much to know. But it is not true. You should know the proper process that will be effective too. Knowing how to use egg cooker microwave is as important as knowing the cleanup process.

And that’s why you have to know the exact techniques of cleaning the molds. First of all, you should be careful that you don’t use any harsh scrubber to clean the areas. It will easily leave several scratches.

Besides, check if your egg cooker is dishwasher safe or not. And if it is, then you can easily wash it in a dishwasher. Cleanup is not a tough task to do. You just need to clean the leftover egg and then clean it as you clean the other dishes. The entire process is easy but make sure you clean it well and make it hygienic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. How do I cook an egg in an egg cooker in the microwave?

To cook an egg in an egg cooker, then the first step will be sprinkling some salt on the egg cooker surface. The reason is, salt helps to cook the eggs evenly. After that, break an egg and whisk it well. Then place it into a microwave and cook it for 1-2 minutes. It is as simple as that.

  1. How long do you microwave egg cooker?

If you are using a microwave egg cooker, it won’t take too long to cook an egg perfectly. You will just need to cook it for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. And that will be enough.

  1. Are microwaved eggs still healthy?

Yes, microwaves eggs are the same as any other one. It doesn’t make much difference. You can even maximize the amount of nutrients that contains in it. All we want to share is that microwaved eggs are the same but you can make it healthier if you want.

  1. Why microwaving eggs is bad?

Some researchers say microwaved eggs are worse than regular one. The reason is, if you microwave eggs, a pressure builds up inside it. And that is not right for the eggs.

Final Verdict

We have described to you some of the good techniques to make good eggs. You can apply as the steps.

If you want to know how to use the microwave egg cooker, or how to use the microwave egg cooker cup, then check out whether everything is fine or not.

Try different egg recipes and let us know about the experience of using the incredible egg cooker.

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