How to Clean Egg Cooker? – Easiest Cleaning Method

In case you are tired of all the sticky, stubborn rusts in your egg cooker then learn how to clean the egg cooker with us. We all face the rusts and deposits in your egg cooker after using some time. Well, even we are washing the egg cooker after every use we still have a hard time getting rid of the dirt.

Egg Cooker

Well, as you know there is calcium in eggshells that react with boiling water. Thereby, as calcium and hard water deposits strongly react while at boiling temperature your egg cooker gets sticky rust in it very often.

But, there is an amazing cleaning procedure that will help you get rid of the rust, dirt, deposit very easily. So, let’s get acknowledged on how to clean an egg cooker and get an easy clean egg cooker.

How to Clean Rust from Egg Cooker? – Simplest Procedure

As we know, after a few times of using an egg cooker to boil eggs we will see some water deposits in it in the corner or the bottom of the cooker. Mostly in the base of the  cooker, the hard deposits remain stuck even after you use soap, and sponge in it.

However, no worries even though your cooker is very dirty, you can clean up the hard deposits. In case, you are wondering is an electric egg cooker easy to clean? Yes, it is easy but yet you need to be careful while you use our methods such as –

  • Switch off and plug out the  cooker from the electric connection
  • Disassemble the removable parts then wash them after every usage
  • Wash the removable parts manually using sponge or microfiber washcloths
  • Wipe the parts properly to dry off and make sure it’s always dry before plugging in.

Moreover, you can get your brand-new egg cooker to look back after cleaning it with our simplest method. So, let us get ahead and start to clean the yellowish dirt of it. Here we will discuss how to clean an egg cooker method for beginners and let’s start to clean.

Additional Things You’ll Need for How to Clean an Egg Cooker

  • Microfiber moist clothes – Microfiber clothes are faster and more efficient for cleaning any kitchen materials quickly and easily. Thereby, the cotton clothes easily become useless after using once or twice. Also, after becoming old cotton clothes tend to push aside the deposits and dust other than wiping these away. Thus, as microfiber washcloths are designed to properly clean any delicate and sensitive kitchen appliances, we prefer them.
  • Vinegar – The natural cleaning agent vinegar consists of 5-20% acetic acid liquid. Hereby, acetic acid is used for its acidity as it easily dissolves any type of mineral deposits which are hard to get rid of. Moreover, even on smooth surfaces like the bottom of the cooker, cooker plate, or small appliance like cooker steam, it is effective. ( caution: as vinegar is very acidic it is told to dilute it with some water while using it as a cleaning agent for delicate stuff)

Additionally, you will also require some basic cleaning stuff but they are always available in your kitchen. So, get ready to know about how to clean an egg cooker.

Cleaning Rust from Egg Cooker – Step by Step Method

You should regularly clean the egg cooker after using it. Or else the residue or grease collided inside the cooker can hamper the boiling procedure and even the egg’s taste.

Now, before you start to clean the cooker, first you must check into the egg cookers manufacturing manual. In case you don’t have it around you can look for it on the manufacturer’s online site and read it. Then you are good to proceed.

Therefore, we already know about the rust, and deposits stuck in it because of calcium and so on. Therefore, the dirt mostly resides in the corner sides and at the bottom part.

Further, regarding the different sizes and designs of electric egg cookers, you may only need to consider how to clean the bottom of the it or how to clean the cooker steam. Thereby, the cleaning process is just the same. So, do not fret just follow our guidelines and you are all good to get your squeaky shiny cleaned egg cooker.

how to clean egg cooker

The best way of how to clean rust from egg cooker is in here with steps –

Step 1 – Switch off and Unplug The Egg Cooker from the Electric Power supply

While cleaning electric equipment you must always be cautious and make sure it is switched off before washing it. Moreover, just as not cleaning while it is switched on, you need to make sure it is not plugged into a socket which can create a short circuit or anything.

Therefore, the first step is that you must ensure the egg cooker is off and not plugged. As well, you better keep in mind that it is cool enough after its last usage or wait for it to fully cool down.

Step 2 – Take Some Water in The Egg Cooker Carefully

As the egg cooker is an electric machine it is precise that it is not appropriate for dishwasher or not dishwasher safe.

Even though the parts you can dismantle from the cooker are dishwasher safe.

That’s why now disassemble the removable parts and wash them separately in the dishwasher at low temperatures.

Well, still to be honest as we follow Better Be Safe Than Sorry you can wash other parts manually as well. So, just rinse the parts in water to wash these, and pour in some water inside the cooker.

Step 3 – Clean Manually with the Microfiber Washcloth

The moist washcloth of Microfiber is the Go-to do cleaning weapon for you. Therefore, you should use a bit of white vinegar with the microfiber cloths and wipe the egg cooker. Afterward, the microfiber moist clothe will assure that you don’t make a scratch on the cooker.

A bit later you will see the residue has gotten off of the bottom or corners of it.

Step 4 – Done Cleaning!

Rinse off the insides of the egg cooker and wipe it dry. As well, make sure your cooker is properly dry both inside and outside for your next use.

Not Content Enough with the Results?! Then we have another easy yet more effective and faster cleaning method for you. Well, then let’s get to the guidelines for how to clean rust from the egg cooker.

How to clean an Egg Cooker? – Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Take the cooker and make sure it’s turned off.
  • After that, take out the egg holder and pour into some liquid vinegar inside the egg cooker where is fill out the brim of the bottom plate (you can also add in a bit more)
  • Now, put the egg holder in its place inside it and put it on the lid or cover of it.
  • Afterward, switch on the egg cooker and wait till the vinegar is boiling. (If it has an automatic switch-off feature then cool!).
  • If the vinegar starts to boil wait 3-4 minutes then turn off and unplug the cooker.
  • Next, take off the lid and you will see that the vinegar boiled out and took out the smooth grease or deposits from it.
  • Then just wipe and rinse the egg cooker bottom plate and egg holder, you can also use a sponge and scrub them a bit and rinse to make sure the cleaning is perfect.

Cautions: do not use water where the plug cord is attached instead wipe it off with a moist cloth and dry-wipe it immediately too!!

So, these are the best way to clean an egg cooker and make it squeaky clean, and sparkly.

Final Thoughts

It is comparatively easy to clean an electric egg cooker at home. Well, to be precise you will need the perfect materials and things to make your task easier and faster.

Moreover, you should clean your egg cooker quite frequently, which will save you from the trouble of stubborn greases. Also, you can make sure that the mineral deposits are not piling up on the surface of the elements that you are going to heat up. Thus, this will make sure you get the perfect boiled eggs every time without any issues.

Further, we used vinegar which is a fabulous cleaning material. It also ensures the best way to clean cooked hard-boiled eggs. Or you can try to clean up other things and cooking stuff as well and enjoy a healthy kitchen time. Lastly, be careful while you are in the kitchen, and be sure to consume healthy ingredients and foods to stay well and fit.

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