Best Egg cooker

What is an egg cooker?

An egg cooker is a small cooking application that allows you to cook an omelet, poach and boil eggs without using the hands. You can cook 3-6 eggs at a time using an egg cooker.

Why an Electric Egg Cooker is a Must-Have Item in the Kitchen

·         Perfectly Cooked Eggs Every time

Whether you’re an experienced cook or a novice one, we all admit how annoying it’s to break eggshells with a knife or fork. Besides, at times, we break the eggshells in a way that ruins our mood to eat eggs. But with an egg cooker, you won’t have to face this situation anymore.

You’ll have to just add eggs in the egg cooker, and voila! Your perfect egg is ready for you to eat. It’s safe to say that, with egg boiler, you’ll feel like having that perfect boiled or cooked egg in a 5-star restaurant.

·         Makes Your Morning More Productive

If you want to make your mornings more productive and spend time on your favorite activities rather than cooking or boiling eggs, you must get an egg cooker right now. Because with an egg cooker, you won’t have to monitor the eggs’ temperature at all. Within a fraction of a few seconds, your perfectly cooked poached egg or boiled egg will be ready.

·         Do Both Cooking and Boiling

Don’t get confused with the name egg cooker. An egg cooker can do both boiling and cooking. So, whether you like to have a boiled egg or a poached egg in the morning, an egg cooker has got you covered.

4 Benefits of an Egg Cooker

1.      Easy-to-Use

With the traditional method, you’ll have to put eggs in water and leave it to boil. Also, during this time, you’ll have to monitor the temperature all the time. But when you have an electric egg cooker, you just need to put the eggs in the egg cooker and set a timer. Usually, most egg cookers allow their users to cook minimum six eggs at a time. However, users can cook one egg also.

2.      Compact Size

Egg cookers come in a compact size, and they can easily fit in any kitchen cabinet easily. You can easily fit an electric egg cooker even in a RV.

3.      Offers both Cooked and Boiled Eggs

Whether you like poached eggs or hard- or soft-boiled eggs, you can have it all with an egg cooker. You’ll have to select trays according to your preferences, and the rest will be done by your personal chef- an electric egg cooker.

4.      Other Benefits

For perfectly cooked or boiled eggs, there is a measuring cup in the egg cooker that allows its users to add water according to preferred egg type. Also, all egg cookers have a pin in them, which allows the users to break eggshells without making any mess.

3 Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Egg Cooker

1.      Capacity

As I mentioned above, an electric egg cooker can cook multiple eggs at a time. Before buying the best rated egg cooker, you’ll have to set your requirements first. If you have a big family or need five to seven eggs as a post-workout meal, you’ll have to pick an egg cooker, which offers such capacity. However, if you live alone and require one or two eggs each time, you can opt for a small egg cooker. But usually, most egg cookers allow their users to cook at least six eggs at a time.

2.      Material

While buying the best-choice egg cooker on the Market, you’ll have to check the egg cooker’s material. Most egg cookers are made of stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, or all together. However, almost every egg cooker uses metal inside and plastic as a lid. With a plastic lid, you can easily see what is going inside your egg cooker. However, the downside of the plastic lid is that it isn’t as durable as metals.

3.      Alarm Sound

We all know how annoying it’s to monitor the egg all the time. But with an electric egg cooker, you won’t have to do it at all. When the eggs are done, an egg cooker will start to make noise automatically.

Before buying an egg cooker, check the egg cooker’s alarm sound and buy the egg cooker that matches your taste.

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