Best Hard Boiled Egg Cooker | Every Homeowner Should Get These

Why would you ever boil your eggs when a simple poached egg is so much easier? You can have that perfectly runny yolk with no hassle. There is so many best hard boiled egg cooker that only takes about 10 seconds.

It leaves the whites cooked just enough not to ruin their nutritional value but still tender. Unlike boiled or fried eggs which go from hard as a rock after sitting out for too long in an open container on kitchen countertops!

Are you a fan of deviled eggs? Do not want to wait for the perfect boiling time? But still, want to enjoy making them and poaching your own?

Well, then look no further than an electric egg cooker. Egg cookers can make quick work-out meal prepping so that dinner rolls around.

There’s always more than enough boiled eggs on hand. Just waiting for avocado toast or adding some flavor into whatever dish they’re being used in like an omelet filling.

Why an egg cooker in your kitchen is necessary?

If you’re looking for a way to make your morning routine more exciting, an egg cooker is the answer. It’s easy and convenient.

With all of the technological advancement in kitchen design here comes the electric egg cooker. This makes your work easier. The best way to get perfect hard-boiled eggs is with an egg cooker.

The temperature of boiling water, the type, and the size of the vessel you use for cooking them in combination with different cookers will all affect results.

But if followed correctly there should be no problem achieving your desired ambition. It will meet you to the desired one of a tough yolk or runny whites. Soft boiled too soft can never give us what we want!

But luckily thanks to modern technology now it’s super easy as well. Since most electric models monitor both heat levels perfectly so all our worries go away. Just set time on automatic function then forget about everything until breakfast time comes around again.

You can always count on an egg cooker for the perfect breakfast. It’s easy and requires no special skills or ingredients. Just crack open a few eggs into your new appliance, set it to boil then sit back.

They hard-boil in their little shell until you’re ready to serve them up with some toast.

Here are our top picks of best rated hard-boiled egg cookers

1. Cuisinart Egg Cooker: Best For Quality

The Cuisinart Egg Central appliance has got a new cooking system which can cook 10 eggs together. You can cook them hard, medium, or soft with the touch of one button. 

This compact unit is perfect for camping trips and family get-togethers because it cooks all your favorites like omelets & boiled eggs in seconds. No more guessing how long they should stay in the heat before eating.

What We Like

  • Tires: Two-tiered poacher is a great way to cook an entire batch of eggs at once.
  • Tray: Its new poaching tray and omelet tray is perfect for your next special gathering.
  • Automatic Cooking: With a cooking robot, you can have an easy and stress-free kitchen experience. With these egg cookers, you don’t need to do anything manually. It will cook the egg on its own.
  • Clean: You’ll be able to clean the cups easily of these inserts because they are made of a material that can stand up against liquid.
  • Storage: The deep storage is perfect for cords that don’t want to get lost. It’s got a cord reel built right in.
  • Price: A great option on a low budget.

Keep In Mind

  • Capacity: Its omelet tray is small and the plates are too far apart, making it hard to cook an entire meal.
  • Alert: You will have to turn off the alert sound manually.
2. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: Best Overall
2. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: Best Overall
2. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: Best Overall

One of the most important parts of healthy living is achieving a good diet. With this Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, you can cook hard or soft boil eggs quickly without having to worry about overcooking them. 

It maintains their freshness while cooking. You will be able to poach 6 at once. And you can also have complete control over how they should look when done. It means you can make sure every single one gets that perfect yellow color on top not burnt pieces of egg white floating around. 

You can scramble nicely with some yolk showing through or even fluffy omelet style if desired. By adding ingredients such as pepper rings for extra flavor can make it more delicious. 

Before folding together gently use butter/oil mixture then fry until golden browned on both sides.


What We Like

  • Cooking: Next kitchen innovation is here, with a cooking system that can make perfect meals without the need for human intervention.
  • Tray: Poaching tray and omelet trays make a great addition to this modern kitchen.
  • Control: Controlling systems are simple and easy to navigate.
  • Alert: Alert system is audible.
  • Clean: You can clean up this very easily. It’s easy to open up the tray and clean them. There is no hassle here.
  • Footprint: The small footprint of the device ensures low maintenance. The dimensions allow it to be hidden in places where you would typically keep your appliances.

Keep In Mind

  • Capacity: It is very small. So it wouldn’t be fit for a large family for being low capacity in it. Because they will not be able to make more eggs at once. 
  • Lid Material: The lid material of it is made of plastic. It can make it easy to see every moment of making the egg but will make the lid hotter. The heat cannot pass by the upper side.
3. Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker: Best For Egg Bites
3. Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker: Best For Egg Bites
3. Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker: Best For Egg Bites

Introducing the Hamilton Beach egg cooker, your all-inclusive breakfast solution. It’s easy to use and makes hard-boiled eggs in seconds. Great for keto or paleo diets too. 

So you can whip up a tasty meal from start to finish. Without having to worry about pesky kitchen skills like frying bacon it can be used. 

It can be placed consuming very little space on your countertop. This still provides enough ingredients needed for each dish.

What We Like

  • Cost: Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker is a cheap, yet useful device that will give you lots of eggs. There are only a few parts to this egg cooker so it’s easy enough for most people to use and clean up afterward.
  • Boils Eggs Simply: This seven-egg cooker is great for those who enjoy hard-boiled eggs, or want to make a lot at once. You can boil 7 eggs in about 5 minutes with this device and store extras on hand so they are ready when you need them.
  • Easy Peel Eggs: The process of steaming makes peeling an egg much easier. The shells should come off in large pieces, with no more picking tiny bits of eggshell still attached to your hard-boiled eggs for guests.

Keep In Mind

  • Cooking Level: It may need to do a bit of trial and error when it comes time for the perfect soft-boiled egg. You’ll want your level of water exactly right, so adding just one more tablespoon could make all the difference.
  • Materials: Quality build is not as good as other ones. Sometimes the water may come out of the device.
  • Clean: The cleaning process of this can’t happen in the dishwasher. It can’t be put on the dishwasher. So you will have to clean this manually and carefully.
4. Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker: Best For Big Batches
4. Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker: Best For Big Batches
4. Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker: Best For Big Batches

Dash Deluxe Egg cooker is a must-have for any household. With the ability to make up 7 poached eggs or individual omelets, this kitchen appliance will have your family covered at breakfast time. 

You can also use it as an essential part of making tacos and other mouthwatering meals by heating tortillas. It still preserves their crunchiness factor. 

All without sacrificing flavor thanks to our recipe book that comes included with the purchase.

What We Like

  • Capacity: Able to boil up to twelve eggs at once. It has an easy-grip handle for even the littlest chef in your family.
  • Cooking: It can be used for multiple purposes. It can make soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs as well as omelets or scrambled eggs all in one pot.
  • Clean: You can put all of your dishes in the dishwasher and not worry about them.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer guarantees that the product will be replaced if there is any defect in materials or workmanship within one year.

Keep In Mind

  • Variety: To prepare extra-large and jumbo eggs properly, you need practice. Otherwise, it can’t be perfect.
  • Cooking Time: This takes too long to make a perfect egg. It can’t be used in a hurry.
  • Alarm: The loud, unpleasant, and inaccurate alarm buzzer is the worst part of this egg cooker.
5. Bear Egg Cooker: Best For Large Sized
5. Bear Egg Cooker: Best For Large Sized
5. Bear Egg Cooker: Best For Large Sized

The perfect white egg cooker for your needs. You can make both hard or soft boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets. 

In addition to this food processor will also steam vegetables perfectly every time in under 10 minutes. 

So it’s a fast expert that works great at home or on vacation too. The 14-egg capacity ensures you never run low when cooking more than one dish at once.

What We Like

  • Versatile: A perfect kitchen tool for any cook, this white egg maker will turn your eggs in no time. The non-stick surface makes the process easy and spills never happen with its design.
  • One-Button: Operation: The quickest and easiest way to make delicious eggs with this rapid electric egg cooker! The best part is that it starts with one click. 
  • Capacity: This is an egg cooker that bakes delicious, cooked eggs in just one or two layers. It’s perfect for your family because it can bear 14 eggs at once.

Keep In Mind

  • Material: It has a two-layer tray to cook. But both trays are made of plastic where other cookers provide other materials.
6. Elite Gourmet EGC-007 Egg Cooker: Best For The Buck
6. Elite Gourmet EGC-007 Egg Cooker: Best For The Buck
6. Elite Gourmet EGC-007 Egg Cooker: Best For The Buck

You can now make the perfect hard or soft-boiled eggs in your own home with this cooker. It is an easy-to-use and stylish kitchen appliance. 

The Elite Gourmet EGC -007 Easy egg cooker is great for any meal. Thanks to its ability to cook up to seven different types of cooked food. It has a built-in timer that adjusts automatically between settings from medium firmness down to being RUNNY. 

So you don’t have to break out into hives when preparing breakfast time dishes anymore. And who doesn’t love fluffy scrambled ones? 

Alongside these features, it also comes equipped with a measuring cup engraved onto them. Allowing measure exact measurements necessary for achieving the desired result every single time. 

What We Like

  • Cooking Time: Its built-in timer automatically balances from soft boil to hard fry, making it easy for you. Eggs are cooked just the way that you like.
  • Measuring Cup: The measuring cup is great for those who like their eggs cooked just how they want them. The built-in piercing pin makes it easy to release the sulfur and crack free of charge.
  • Capacity: You can now cook up to 7 hard, medium, or soft-boiled eggs without the need for fat and oil.

Keep In Mind

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs: Hard-boiled eggs turn out soggy and unimpressive. 

How To Choose The Best Egg Cooker

For those of you who are looking for the best way to cook eggs, there is an endless variety in front of your eyes. However, before making a purchase, we must compare and contrast key features between models.

So as not to end up with an awful product just because they were too cheap or had some kind of offer on them.

The following is information about three important factors worth considering:

  • Egg holding capacity: One of the main benefits of electric egg cookers is that they can cook multiple eggs at once. So, what should you consider first? The amount which will fit in it.

There’s a variety when it comes to how many trays exist on one model and also how many are needed for omelets or poaching purposes? Remember these things vary by the person as well. So make sure it’s suitable before buying anything too large.

  • Alarm Features: The most annoying part of boiling an egg is to wait to be done. Nobody knows when it will be boiled perfectly so that they can turn off their stovetop or oven comes.

And if you have one of these advanced technological cooking devices then they will automatically turn themselves off without any user input required.

  • Material: The most common materials for cooking eggs in the oven are aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. The inner component of an egg cooker is made up primarily of meta.

While heating plates are conductive or include a coating that allows them to conduct heat energy more efficiently. So you can use less fuel needed when frying food on your stovetop compared to other types.

Without this technology like cast iron skillets which give off smoke during high-heat processes because they don’t conduct well at all.

Lids come with either a durable polymer version or lighter weight. But still, resilient polystyrene plastics materials are a great choice depending upon what task.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our egg expert is no stranger to making eggs. He’s been eating them for an uncountable number of years and knows all their pros and cons what makes it tasty?

Beyond his love of delicious foods, he spent some time working in commercial kitchens. Here they whipped up vast batches with a variety of chefs’ preferences. So our expert has experience cooking great meals and has vast knowledge about how different types taste.

To find out which models are the most convenient and consistently produce delicious eggs, we conducted an extensive review of 20 different types.

We cooked dozens upon dozens to see where each device shined or failed. We made soft-boiled, hard-boiled ones, omelets as well. The best-poached eggs came from one cooker while another produced runny whites.

We also tested frying pan surfaces by heating them over time due to high carbon steel. Containing pure iron particles they will rust if left underwater for long periods. So we had to keep someone a close eye on who would monitor its deterioration.

Analysis and Test Results

What are you most concerned about when it comes to making hard-boiled eggs? Does a specific brand of cooker take longer than another, or does its warranty cover more if something breaks during use?

No matter which kitchen gadget you use to make hard-boiled eggs or mini souffle, the quality of their product will depend on a few specific metrics. Luckily for us, there is an easy way to find out what’s best in this crowded market.

Side by side testing our rigorous process we pitted each model against one another and determined. Where they stood based on these key factors. So now it’s time that everyone has access to knowledgeable information about their options when buying new equipment.

Use Ease

The devil is really in the details with these cookers, as all of them have a similar process for making an omelet.

You have to add water to your hot plate and poke small holes into each egg before placing it. On top of it closes the lid while pressing down gently so they don’t break apart during cooking time. What differentiated one from another was what made things go more smoothly.

The Dash Rapid was the best performing device in this metric. It cooked eggs perfectly with no loud noises. We found that it’s easy to use. Thanks to its handle attachment which lets you remove the hot egg tray without burning yourself.

Perhaps one of the easiest options on offer is the microwavable Easy Eats option. From when they open the fridge grabbing a raw or boiled egg within two minutes. All of them are scrambled up nicely for breakfast soon afterward.


A larger kitchen might not be ideal for a small appliance, but it’s perfect if you have nowhere else to put your microwave. These electric devices are the best choice because of their compact size and ability to store all accessories inside when not in use.

The storage metric gave us insight into how easy or hard these devices would be to fit into our kitchens based on their footprint sizes. It is especially important during tight times like college semester breaks.

Both microwavable egg cookers were incredibly tiny while still being able to keep everything together. It’s more than enough room around them without taking up much countertop real estate as some other competing models do.


When versatility and ease of use were at the top of our list, we looked to see how many different uses each device had?  The Dash Deluxe came out ahead in this category.

Its ability to cook large quantities for poaching or steaming vegetables is as well as the best one. Surprised by what else it could do though was that you could also use your Sistema Easy microwaveable ready meal container.

It’s great news if cooking dinner doesn’t give you much time. Because now there’s another option other than ordering takeout.


It’s not just the cooking process that we wanted convenience for. We also put forth careful consideration into keeping your kitchen clean after using this appliance.

We found the Dash Sous Vide egg maker quite helpful in this case. We also found silicone cups that made cleanup easy. The Easy Eggwich model had similar benefits over its competitors.

Since it was designed specifically with convenient cleaning in mind-and there were barely any leftovers when wiping them down afterward too.

Quality of cooked eggs

One important factor to consider is how good the finished product turns out? After some experimenting, we found that once water levels were just right for all of these electric egg cookers they performed similarly.

In terms of doneness and ease It is the same as when peeling eggs with a consistent quality level across each model or style.

We found that the eggs on top were often slightly undercooked compared to those in their lower racks. This is due, at least partly, because as you cook and scramble an egg.

it begins heating up from setting above a liquid medium. This causes its internal temperature to rise quickly but unevenly. So while one side may be ready for consumption all too soon after being set into cooking oil or butter.

Other parts might take much longer if they’re immersed only partially before frying.

Advantages of an Electric Egg Cooker

The electric egg cooker is a great way to make breakfast in minutes. The features of this device will help you get your eggs cooked quickly and easily with little work on your part!

  • One-touch power button: To start cooking, all you have to do is plug in your Electric Egg Cooker and set the time on either a one-touch power button or use an automatic setting. Most of these cookers can make six eggs at once but if needed they will also let out an alert when done so that you know too.
  • Size: Another reason to buy an electric egg cooker is that it’s small and compact. It can fit easily in any kitchen cabinet as well as on the counter or shelf space. It saves you from taking up valuable cooking room with other appliances.
  • Trays: The selection of trays ensures that you can cook any style, be it hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs.
  • Measuring cup: You have the option of cooking your eggs however you’d like with this measuring cup. They get your water boiling perfectly every time so there would never have to worry about undercooked or overcooked yolks again. The pin at the bottom can help in breaking their shells.


What is the best hard boiled egg cooker?

According to the experimental test result, it can be said that Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker is the best one. It is perfect in all ways. It has all the advantages which an egg cooker should have. It is a diverse appliance in the kitchen you have.

What does an egg cooker do?

A hard-boiled egg is a hassle to make. But with the help of an electric or gas oven and some patience, they can be cooked perfectly every time. It takes about thirty minutes for medium eggs. If you want yours done in 20 then use your poaching device. These devices can make out the eggs perfectly within a moment.

How do you use an electric egg cooker?

There’s not much to remember when it comes to how long you need for the different styles of eggs. Most just require a set amount and they turn themselves off after that time is up. So there are no worries about setting timers or looking over them at all. However, these still feel warm after cooking has finished.

How do you poach an egg in an electric egg cooker?

Poaching is an easy and hands-free method of cooking eggs. You can use it in the same way as boiling, or simply crack them into a tray inside your electric egg cooker. For poaching without any more work on your part, it’s the easy way.

How long does it take to cook eggs in an electric cooker?

The air inside an egg expands as it cooks and the pressure builds. To avoid cracking, some chefs recommend piercing both ends before cooking with a fork or skewer. To let water flow out of one end while keeping the heat in at other points.

Wrapping Up

After researching the best hard boiled egg cooker available today, we reviewed six different models to determine which device could serve up perfect eggs. We experimented with each model for ease of use and storability as well as their versatility.

In terms of how many people a single cooker can cook at once or specific types of cooking needs like poaching versus. Frying an Egg’s size is also taken into consideration when choosing your golden ticket.

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