How Long to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs? – Easiest Guideline for Newbies

We all have hard boiled eggs every single day, as they are enriched with vitamin and protein and goes very well with other foods. We even love to eat some simple boiled eggs with a few salt sprinkles, so here’s the issue arises how long to cook hard boiled eggs perfectly.

In the past, many people avoided eggs as they thought that there’s a lot of protein and cholesterol in them. But the modern medical research showed that eggs increase the good cholesterol that our bodies require. Further, the Federal Dietary also added the importance of dietary cholesterol and limit the consumption of eggs in diets.

Boiled Eggs

So, to get the best of your diet and health management here is the proper and the easiest method of how long to cook perfect hard boiled eggs.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs? – Thorough Information

As it is about boiling eggs properly the most problematic issue is that we offer over-boil the eggs. Then, it creates a dark or pale green color around the egg yolk and gives a bit acidic taste. Therefore, it is mostly because you do not know how long do hard boiled eggs take to cook?

Well, so in order not to mess up here is a quick and amazing method we will give you about how long does it take to cook hard boiled eggs and not get overcooked.

How Long to Cook Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs? – Simple Methods

Before you start boiling eggs with the quick guideline for how long do you have to cook hard boiled eggs. We tell you to stop there as we are going to give you amazing information about eggs.

How to Easily Peel Eggs Though They’re Fresh Eggs or Not?

  • Do you happen to that older eggs are more comfortable to peel from than fresh hard boiled eggs. Also, in case you are planning on using eggs for Easter or something buy the eggs two weeks before you will need them to cook/boil.
  • Other than coming to buy eggs as early as possible you can also try out the other method of the streaming basket. Well, not that you’ll search up how long do hard boiled eggs have to cook for easy peeling off. Thereby, pour a few inches of fresh water in a pot and put a streamer on the pot with water, and boil. Then insert the eggs inside the steamer and cover it for boiling at least 15 minutes. Finally, the streaming penetration while boiling the eggs hard will make the peeling smoother. Further, you can use a pressure cooker instead for steaming eggs just fine as well.
  • Lastly, if you forgot to buy eggs beforehand, don’t acquire much time for steaming, or are much not used to steamer baskets then it’s your last resort. After you’re done boiling some eggs try to crack the eggshells to make it all fragile without breaking it at all. Then put the eggs in a pot/pan full of hot water and soak them for at least 10 -12 minutes. This will make the water seep in the akin of the eggs and easier to peel off.

How Long to Cook Eggs Until Hard Boiled? – Recipe with Easy Steps

We found that almost all of us mostly over-boil the eggs without proper knowledge of how long to cook to make hard boiled eggs. Well, now we will tell you all about boiling eggs to get a hard tasty egg. So, let’s go for the method. First, we will need some ingredients –

Ingredients You’ll Require for How Long to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

  • 5-10 chicken eggs ( you can choose other bird’s eggs as well)
  • Big enough pot to carry enough water and eggs for boiling
  • Vinegar

Now, let’s get ahead to know about the time you will need to boil eggs and not overdue the time.

Accurate Time for How Long Should Eggs Cook to Be Hard Boiled?

Prep time – 1 minute ( for washing the eggs and put them inside a pot/pan with water)

Cook Time – 13 minutes ( wait till the water is boiling and the eggs are trembling evenly. Also, you might see some tiny cracks on eggs which indicate that the eggs are properly boiled)

Finish Time – 5 minutes ( Turn off the gas and let the eggs cool down by putting them under tap water and lastly peel them off)

Total time – 18 minutes

Now, check out the detailed step-by-step recipe for how long to you cook hard boiled eggs.

Step 1.  Put the Eggs Inside a Saucepan, Pour The Pan with Water Until It Covers The Eggs

First, take a saucepan, fill up about a bit more than a quarter of the pan with cold tap water. Now, put the eggs in the pan as well. Also, you should add some more water to the pan to keep the eggs dipped into the water. So, make sure the water covers the eggs by more than 1.5 inches on top.

However, in case you’re going to boil more eggs that are almost crowding inside the pan then you should add more water to it. In conclusion, if the number is less than 6 eggs water should be covering the eggs over an inch. But for more than 6 eggs the water should be over 2 inches.

Step 2. Put the Saucepan in the Gas on High Heat Till Water is Boiling Fully

It is wise to add a teaspoon of vinegar to the pan as it’ll keep the egg whites from leaking out. Well, many times eggs get cracked while boiling, and using vinegar will help you prevent it. Also, you can add salt instead and both will make the eggshells peeling off procedure simpler as well.

Step 3. Turn Off The Gas, Take the Pan on a Hot Burner, and Keep It in There for 12 Minutes

In case the stove burner you consist is not the one to retain heat after you turn it off, then you can reduce the heat, poach in for a moment and turn off the stove. Regarding how much you love your hard boiled eggs to be, the eggs usually get properly boiled in 12 minutes. Moreover, according to your stove altitude, size of the pan, and quantity of eggs and water it may need a few more minutes.

On the other hand, if you prefer your eggs half boiled with not fully hard, you can take the pan off the stove a few minutes beforehand. Well, after your first time you will find an accurate time that will work for you in regards to your preference and other altitudes. You should just stick with that time to boil your eggs every time.

Further, for cooking a bigger batch of eggs, you can try out one of the eggs after 10-12 minutes to check if it’s done. Therefore, take out one egg from the pan cool it down with cold water and peel it off a bit. Now, if the eggs are not cooked enough, you cake put it in the pan, and boil it more for a couple of minutes.

So, we can hope to think that you will not wonder about how long to cook jumbo hard boiled eggs any further.

Using this method there is no way you will overcook the hard boiled eggs and mess up. Therefore, to cook the eggs to your taste, lower the gas just a bit after water boils, take the pan on the hot burner and cover it with a lid, keep the pan in that for 18 minutes longer, and still the eggs won’t get overcooked.

Step 4. Run Cold Water on Eggs to Avoid Getting Overcooked

Take out the boiled water from the pan and keep it under the running tap water and cool the eggs off fast. This will also stop the extra heat to cook the eggs anymore.

For the large batch of eggs, after you finish cooking, scoop the eggs out with a spoon and dip them in a big pot with ice-cold water.

Well, we recommend you peel off the shells right away while the eggs are cooling off under the running tap water in the kitchen.

Thereby, the best way to reserve hard boiled eggs is to keep them in a container with a lid and store it in the fridge. As well, eggs can release sulfuric odors if kept open in the refrigerator so covering them is the best idea. The hard boiled eggs should be consumed within 3 to 5 days.

Furthermore, the best outcome about this how long to you cook hard boiled eggs method is that in case forget and the eggs stay in the water a bit longer than you had wanted them to, it will still be alright.

Different people want their eggs to be different like some want the eggs less hard and some like it more hard boiled than other people. Thereby, if you like to have a boiled egg with the center a bit translucent, then heat the eggs for only 4-6 minutes in the boiled water.

Finally, you can eat the perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs using this thorough step to step method.

Final Thoughts

As we assume you went through our simple cooking recipe for how long to cook hard boiled eggs above and got amazing results with your eggs.

Thereby, cooking is not an easy task for everyone, one requires to memorize some facts and tons of practice.

However, with some easy steps and guidelines, you can be a good cook without many practices. Moreover, that is the reason we tried our best to give you the simplest guidelines for how long do hard boiled eggs have to cook.

So, go ahead and enjoy hard boiled eggs with other yummy side dishes, salads, and fishes as eggs go well with many foods.

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